Germantown Antics in the Media

We all see the constant 3 to 2 voting where the same three aldermen don't want to discuss anything and vote along what appears to be predetermined lines, but once in a while one makes a mistake and the whole meeting gets thrown into a Twilight Zone as they attempt to recover.

People ask me what got me started with this. This is a video of one of the meetings to Rezone land at Poplar Pike and Forest Hill for no reason other than to benefit a developer whom makes donations to the mayor and aldermen. Hundreds of citizens showed up to beg the city not to rezone just for profit yet Mary Anne Gibson, Forrest Owens, and Rocky Janda all voted three different times to rezone to benefit the developer. There was even a good faith document the city agreed not to rezone any of the area after it was annexed years ago but they STILL voted yes to do it. This is your leadership siding with developers over the citizens. Period.

March 12, 2018 BMA Meeting

Germantown made it on the Ben Ferguson show on WREG 600 many times just prior to the 2018 election in which Mayor Palazzolo lost in early voting and day of, but somehow managed to win by absentee votes alone. The discussion hinged on development so I am including the audio here. Click on each of the pictures below to listen in on what he said.