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A page dedicated to show citizens the plans to "Reinvent Germantown" good or bad. Starting with the city and developers pushing "Smart Growth", an idea meant for use in larger cities running out of space, to implementing "Smart Code" areas that negated the long standing strict building codes including height that would allow developers to utilize Germantown's name and reputation to make money. Some of what is done is good, some is bad. This page will show you what certain city leaders are trying to hide.

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Terri Fowler Johnson... Brandon Musso... John Paul Miles... running for Alderman positions against the hand picked candidates backed by big money developers.

Germantown taxpayers paid $85,000 in 2016 to a third party professional organization to study the feasibility of dense apartment growth a few years ago. When that study showed it would be a bad thing for Germantown Patrick Lawton headed up a new study using his city employees that showed it wouldn't impact the city negatively much at all. Here are the two reports for you to look at.

When you see the "PUD" or "Plan" or "Proposal" docuement, make sure you scroll down towards the bottom of it for pictures of land survey's and what the structures will look like. To me that is the interesting part of the documents! Also, Pictures will be added occasionally and updated also.

General Information

Housing and Apartments Information

SmarthGrowth Documents

Smart Growth Area Proposals

Forrest Hill Heights

302 acres zoned as Smart Growth previously zoned office. This rezoning somehow opened up the land to unwanted apartment complexes like Viridian with 375 units, and Watermark with 310. There is no Smart Growth intiatives included with these apartment complexes thus making many people angry about the rezoning that allowed it.

Western Gateway

This area includes the Travure site and everything west to the Memphis city limits. This use of Smarth Growth is what many people envisioned, the redesign of existing areas that need updating instead of rezoning residential land that has not been developed yet into commercial to allow developers and the city to collect more money.

Eastern Gateway

Central Business District

Smart Growth Developments


Status: Office building finished, hotel construction underway. No news on final phase plans or occupants.

Private Office Building, Hotel

Residential property rezoned to commercial took advantage of the lifting of height restrictions and build a tall office building for Mid America Apartments. The company also received a tax break program for 15 years.


Status: The Residences Apartments and Market Row Apartments are finished along with Hampton Hotel and Bob Richards Jewelers. The final phase may consist of a medical office tower, an additional hotel, and possibly more apartments or retail.

278 Apartments, Hotel, Retail

17 acre Smart Growth area rezoned from residential to commercial. Includes a 278 apartment single structure with parking garage, Hampton Inn, and retail shops with more apartments overhead.


Status: This development is supposedly not happening. But the land is going to be sold and developed and this is the type of project certain city leaders are pushing for so I left it here.

302 Apartments, Retail, Theater

The Arthur Property has been proposed to be a very large mixed use complex of apartments and businesses along with retail stores and a large theater. This complex has recently been put on hold but it was approved and so it can move forward at any time even with the apartment moritorium in place since it was approved beforehand.

Carrefour/Kirby Woods Mall

Status: About to go before BMA for approvals. Rocky Janda and Palazzolo have both expressed interest in giving them an exemption from the apartment moratorium. Currently they claim no apartments in the plans but two towers in the design look like apartments and could be easily converted at any point during construction into them.

New Apartment Complexes


Status: BMA Approved. Construction has not started.

299 Apartments

Boyle Investments 375, lowered to 299 apartment complex approved by BMA

New Housing Subdivisions

Germantown Country Club Property

Land purchased, proposals coming.

300+ Homes

Being purchased by Farmington Kimbrough Development Group that consists of Spence Ray, Phillip McNeill Sr, Mark Layne, and investor Bill Latimer. They say no zoning changes will be needed and the project will include homes ranging from 2,500 sq ft to 6,500.


Status: Rezone has been approved by the BMA.

69 homes

Large property of estate zoned lots being pushed to be rezoned for smaller homes to maximize profit for landowner and developer. Both whom made donations to Mayor Mike Palazzolo's campaign. This rezone is heavily disliked by the public. A legal document was rumored to be in place protecting the area, but the city denied this until Alderman Dean Massey uncovered the document at which time the final vote to rezone was pushed through 9/24/2018 in the typical 3 yes vote with Barzizza abstaining and Massey against.

Goodwin Farms

Status: BMA approved, construction on phase 1 to begin soon.

232 homes

Large development consisting of 232 small lot homes coming to Winchester Rd in area of new elementary school on Forrest Hill Irene. This land use to be zoned estate lots and was rezoned to residential.

Olde Field Green

Status: BMA Approved.

34 homes

Housing development coming to south Forrest Hill Irene. Two exisiting home sites will be replaced by 34 homes near new elementary school on Forrest Hill Irene. This land was previously zoned estate but rezoned.


Status: BMA Approved and construction started.

50 homes

Housing development on McVay at Messick

Germantown City Projects

The Grove at GPAC

Status: BMA Approved and construction finished.

Outdoor concert venue at Germantown Rd and Neshoba

New School

Status: Opened as Forest Hill Elementary.

The new school prompted the city to widen Forrest Hill Irene from 2 lanes to 5. There is also going to be a new water tower built on the school site to service the new neighborhoods and apartments in the area, though they city forced the GMSD to pay for a $250,000 pipeline under the school that they were supposed to be reimbursed for. At this time the GMSD and City are having differences of opinion on a backroom deal to swap land next to Houston High School that is now a public park for this land to put up the water tower.

Wolf River Blvd at Germantown Rd

Status: BMA Approved and aquisition of land started.

The intersection of Wolf River Blvd and Germantown Rd is soon to be widened. The BMA has approved the aquisition of right of way from properties along Wolf River Blvd and Germantown Road to allow extra lanes of traffic and turn lanes to be added to facilitate traffic flow through the area.

Forrest Hill Irene Widening

Status: BMA Approved and construction finished.

Forrest Hill Irene to be widened to four lanes plus turn between Poplar and Winchester. Also widened between Poplar and Wolf River Blvd to three lane plus bike lanes.

Germantown Parks Master Plan

Status: BMA Approved and construction started at Farmington Park.

This is a plan for altering and improving Germantown Parks.

Germantown Parks Proposal

Germantown Library Landscaping Improvements

Status: BMA Approved construction not started.

Library Site Improvements and Landscaping Plans

Germantown Streetscape Master Plan

Status: BMA Approved and construction ongoing.

This is the plan for altering and improving Germantown Streets.

Germantown Streetscape Master Plan

Germantown Drainage Master Plan

Status: BMA Approved but keeps getting pushed off during budget season.

This is the plan for altering and improving Germantown Drainage Basins and Laterals.

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 1b
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3

  • Other Projects Of Interest

    Fulmer Property Medical Offices

    Status: BMA Approved rezoning.

    Series of three new multistory medical office buildings on previously residential zoned land.

    Campbell Clinic Expansion

    Status: BMA Approved and construction started.

    Cordova Triangle

    Status: BMA voting to return this to residential. Lawsuits currently pending against city by land speculators and developers.

    Residential property rezoned apartments and commercial by Smart Growth. This possible development is heavily disliked by neighbors as they see this land best used as single family homes as it was zoned previously.


    Status: BMA Approved construction started.

    Senior living home at site of old Walmart on Wolf River BLVD

    Germantown In The News and Video Clips

    News and video clips exist of the fiasco Germantown has been experiencing due to Mayor Palazzolo's desire to reinvent Germantown.

    The Funny Stuff

    Status: Many political satire and video clips exist of the fiasco Germantown has been experiencing due to Mayor Palazzolo's desire to reinvent Germantown.


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